Sunshine and showers welcome riders to Dams


On a typical April day (sunshine and showers) nearly 40 riders took part in the Dams to Darnley sponsored ride, in aid of British Horse Society (BHS) welfare in Glasgow’s newest green space.

The feedback on this beautiful, interesting and heritage-laden route was 100% positive from the variety of riders who took part.


The Dams riders experienced typical April weather – sunshine and showers!

The day was run jointly by BHS Scotland and BHS Strathclyde, with the 11k route encompassing dams, bridges and waterworks, great views and secret tracks with much of the going on grass and a delightful canter on offer.

‘The route was so pleasant that more than one group went round twice’

Joe Connelly, the Dams to Darnley ranger, was very accommodating and said riders were welcome every day of the year. The smiling ride marshals and other volunteers made this a really happy BHS event and one to repeat in future years.

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