Team GBR set to celebrate 10 years of Toggi


Next year sees the 10 year anniversary of Toggi’s association with the British Equestrian Federation and of the brand’s support of Equestrian Team GBR. In the 10 year partnership, Equestrian Team GBR has won 162 medals at senior level, with countless more at youth level hopes are that 2016 will see that number rise!

The now iconic Toggi Team GBR kit was the brain child of Will Connell – then World Class Performance Director of the BEF. Sarah-Jane Fedarb, managing director for Toggi said: “Will approached us in his mission to develop a stronger British team identity across all equestrian sports that compete at championships around the world. Will’s vision was to develop a uniform look to make everyone feel involved and part of the team; from owners, vets and team staff as well as riders and grooms.”


Top British equestrian athletes at the official Equestrian Team GBR launch day

The first pieces of Toggi Team GBR kit made their way into the wardrobes of Britain’s most talented equestrian athletes and their support teams in 2006, and has been worn ever since by British equestrian team members who have represented our nation so successfully at equestrian events around the globe.

Sarah-Jane continued: “Early on in our partnership with the BEF, the idea emerged to create a supporters collection to complement the team kit, which would allow the Nation to get involved and to show their support for our equestrian teams. The official Toggi Team GBR collection is the result, with its iconic red, white and blue theme and striking GBR branding.

‘The idea emerged to create a supporters collection to complement the team kit’

“Not only does the supporters collection allow people to visually show their support for their British equestrian heroes, but as a percentage of sales goes back to the British Equestrian Federation to help generate additional funds for all equestrian disciplines, people are delighted to show their support and to do their part to help Great Britain remain a world beater in equestrian sports.”


Piggy French models the new Toggi Team GBR Rio gilet

Leading Team GBR rider, Harry Meade said: “It’s a great thrill to ride for your country at a Championship. Wherever you are, the British supporters in their Toggi Team GBR clothing are unmissable and appear to outnumber those of other nations. The sea of red, white and blue is a reminder that you’re not just riding for your team mates but for the nation; with such wonderful support it’s easy to rise to the occasion!”

Without a doubt, Will’s vision has been realised. With the 10 year partnership coinciding with a home championship, as the Longines FEI European Eventing Championships take place on home turf at Blair Castle later this year, there’s never been a better time or reason to kit yourself out in Toggi Team GBR red, white and blue.

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