EQY is simply Scotland’s best equestrian magazine.

Written for Scottish riders by Scottish riders, EQY is available FREE every year with the July issue of Scottish Field magazine. Covering every aspect of equestrianism north of the border, EQY is entertaining, informative and packed with contributions from Scotland’s best equestrian writers and photographers. Put simply, this unique magazine has set new standards for equestrian magazines.

The 2017 issue is packed with features – we cover everything from interviews with top Scottish riders and trainers, real life riders stories, plus interesting equestrian stories that you will only find in EQy


Celebrity interviews

horse holidays at home or abroad

EQy is truly a magazine for Scotland’s equestrians. Inside our 2017 issue you will find everything from celebrity interviews to chats with some of Scotland’s best trainers and riders including Jo Barry, Douglas Duffin and Wills Oakden. We had great fun asking some of Scotland’s well knows equestrians where it all began? Full marks if you can guess who the well known showing producer is (blonde haired wee lad) in the photograph below. you can find out how he and other well kent faces started their riding careers inside.

EQy is FREE with the July issue of Scottish Field but copies can be ordered all year round here – go there now.

Can you guess who the well-kent face is in this fantastic photo (clue he is the blonde haired wee lad). Turn to our feature ‘Where it all began’ in this issue to find out.

Our fabulous cover shot was taken up at Lindores Cross Country in Fife – see our horse holidays feature for more information.